Ideas to get started:

Here are a few ideas on what you can build with machine learning services by AWS:


Create a searchable image library. Amazon Rekognition automatically extracts metadata such as names of celebrities, scenes, and activities, which enable you to create a searchable image library. You can keep the library current by using AWS Lambda functions to automatically add new image labels to the library when new images are uploaded in Amazon S3.


Detect unsafe video. Amazon Rekognition Video allows organizations managing user-generated content, such as social media or dating apps, to automatically detect explicit or suggestive content in videos and create their own rules around what is appropriate for the culture and demographics of their users.


Celebrity recognition. Amazon Rekognition's RecognizeCelebrities API allows you to search photo libraries to automatically identify thousands of individuals who are famous, noteworthy, or prominent in their field with high scale and high accuracy. You can then send the celebrity’s name, id, and image id, into an Amazon Elasticsearch search index to make the images searchable.


Voice of customer analytics. You can use Amazon Comprehend to analyze customer interactions in the form of support emails, social media posts, online comments, telephone transcriptions, etc., and discover what factors drive the most positive and negative experiences. You can then use these insights to improve your products and services.


Semantic search. You can use Amazon Comprehend to provide a better search experience by enabling your search engine to index key phrases, entities, and sentiment. This enables you to focus the search on the intent and the context of the articles instead of basic keywords.


Knowledge management and discovery. You can use Amazon Comprehend to organize and categorize your documents by topic for easier discovery, and then personalize content recommendations for readers by recommending other articles related to the same topic.