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Testing of projects


I wonder how the tests will be conducted.

Are we expected to provide a working web app and specific accounts to testers or it is enough to provide a Bash install script that can be executed to create all the required AWS resources with required parameters like their own AWS account id, region, etc?

Thanks, in advance

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  • Manager   •   about 4 years ago

    Hi Ceyhun,

    Good questions. For this hackathon, we are requiring the following:

    • Include a link to your application code on GitHub or BitBucket. Your code repository may be public or private. If your repository is private, access must be given in the testing instructions provided with your submission. Code will be used only for application review and testing.
    • Include deployment files and testing instructions needed for testing your application.

    The judges will watch your demo video, read your text descriptions, etc. and may also review the code you've shared. If any other info is needed then (such as a specific testing account), we will reach out to you.

    If you DO have a site where the app is deployed and it can be tested, it could help.

    Good luck!

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