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almost 5 years ago

How to Pair Any Two AI API Services Together?

Building applications with vision, language, and speech intelligence can be a time consuming and resource-draining task. The good news is that with machine learning services by AWS, you can plug-in pre-built AI functionality into your apps without having to worry about machine learning models.

Which two machine learning services will you combine for an awesome application? This competition challenges you to apply two or more vision, speech, and language APIs to a new or existing app. Here are a few examples:

Build an application that recognizes player faces in a sports video feed (Amazon Rekognition), transcribes and translates speech to text (Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate), and  determines key phrases, sentiments, and topics (Amazon Comprehend).

Build an e-commerce site that instantly translates the catalogue into multiple languages (Amazon Translate), allow customers to listen to reviews about the product via audio (Amazon Polly), and personalizes content recommendations (Amazon Comprehend).

Build a chatbot (Amazon Lex) and understand the positive or negative nature of the customer’s voice (Amazon Comprehend).

Machine learning services building blocks. Here a few real examples, with links to getting started guides and tutorials, for you to add the foundation to your new or existing app:

Transcribe content from video and audio to text (Amazon Transcribe)

Translate content into French, German, Spanish, and many more (Amazon Translate)

Personalize content recommendations (Amazon Comprehend)

Define topics, sentiment, and key phrases (Amazon Comprehend)

Detect unsafe video (Amazon Rekognition)

Create a searchable image library (Amazon Rekognition)

Recognize celebrities (Amazon Rekognition)

Understand voice (e.g. positive or negative) of your user (Amazon Comprehend)

Enable your search engine to index key phrases, entities, and sentiment (Amazon Comprehend)

Turn text into lifelike English, French, Korea, and many more (Amazon Polly)

Build conversational chatbots (Amazon Lex)

With machine learning APIs by AWS at your fingertips, there is no limit to what you can build!

Submission are due in 27 days! With the weekend just getting started, now is better than ever to bring your ideas to life! Partner with other talented developers here in the slack #teambuilding channel.

Good luck!