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about 5 years ago

2 Days to Go!

Quick shout out that you have two days left to submit your AI enabled app. Here are a few tips to give you and edge:

Submit multiple apps. Did you know you can build, publish, and submit multiple projects? Each application should be unique and submitted according to submission guidelines—so remember to publish each app and make a unique demo video for each of your apps. As long as you submit each of your entries according to the guidelines, they will be individually considered for judging and prize

Real AI use cases to your app.  Here a few examples using fully trained AI APIs by AWS that you can build into an exisiting or new app:

Transcribe content from video and audio to text (Amazon Transcribe)

Translate content into French, German, Spanish, and many more (Amazon Translate)

Personalize content recommendations (Amazon Comprehend)

Extract topics, sentiment, and key phrases (Amazon Comprehend)

Detect unsafe video (Amazon Rekognition)

Create a searchable image library (Amazon Rekognition)

Recognize celebrities (Amazon Rekognition)

Understand positive / negative voice sentiment (Amazon Comprehend)

Enable your search engine to index key phrases, entities, and sentiment (Amazon Comprehend)

Turn text into lifelike English, French, Korea, and many more (Amazon Polly)

Build conversational chatbots (Amazon Lex)

Questions? Talk to the AI experts here on the AWS AI Slack Channel #general.

Good luck!!!